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Advanced Camcorder Techniques -Training DVD

In this video Mark covers more advanced methods for making your video really hit the pro level! Mark discusses production and the elements within it. Learn about storyboards, plots, and scripts that will organize your video into a better story.
Mark will teach you more advanced compositional techniques including shot sequencing, emotional shots, depth of field etc. Along with the compositional techniques you will learn about more advanced camcorder movement like dollies, jibs, running shots, trucks, etc and how to improvise to make it work.
Also covered in this video are lenses and filters and how to use them! Go totally manual once Mark shows you the in's and out's of the shutter, iris and CCD imager.

  • Production
  • Advanced Composition
  • Advanced Camcorder Movements
  • Shutter, Iris & CCD Imager
  • Lenses & Filters

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