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Basic Camcorder Techniques -Training DVD

Let's join Mark Apsolon as he take us through the basics of shooting video. Learn how to take your video to the professional level in Basic Camcorder Techniques.
In this video Mark covers how and what to look for in purchasing a new or used camcorder. Also he discusses the in's and out's of the different formats available on the market, from miniDV, DVD-R to HD.
The features on your camcorder are important and learn to use them like a pro! Learn the basic elements of lighting to make you videos more professional by listening to Marks tips.
Sound is just as important as your video. Learn how to use the on camera microphone and get the best you can from it. Mark also discusses various external microphone options and techniques

  • Purchasing a Video Camera
  • Camcorder Features
  • Shooting video indoors & outdoors
  • Video Sound
  • Video Composition
  • Basic Camera Moves

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