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Chromakey Made Simple -Training DVD

Chroma-key can add fun and excitement to your videos or photos and anyone can do it. In this video Mark Apsolon shows you where to buy, how to setup, light your chroma-key background, and edit the video footage you create. He also discusses many of the problems with chroma-key and how to solve them.

If you think Chroma-key is too hard or just too expensive, then think again! Mark's easy to understand tutorial will help you get the chroma-key you've always wanted at a very reasonable cost! Anyone can spice up there videos or photos by adding the chroma-key effect!

  • Chromakey Fundamentals
  • Chromakey Materials
  • Chromakey Lighting
  • Editing for Chromakey
  • Common problems & solutions
  • 45 Minutes total length
$34.95 + $10 Shipping =$44.95