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Lighting Made Simple -Training DVD

Lighting is one of the most important elements in your video. How you use light is critical to make your videos look professional and get noticed. In this video Mark covers what "lighting" is for video and film. He discusses Studio, Daytime, and Night-time shooting and what challenges you will encounter along the way to perfect lighting. Mark knows how expensive light kits can be and in this video he shows how to BUILD YOUR OWN 3 PIECE LIGHT KIT inexpensively (Including spot and diffused lights)! Studio lighting is the best for control over your lighting and he covers how to setup your lights for a one person and two person interview.

  • What is Lighting
  • Studio Lighting & Light Kits
  • Make your OWN Light Kit
  • How to Light your Studio
  • V Point Lighting
  • Day & Night Lighting

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